Old getting cold pasta on the plates on my desk. Toilet paper wads from the whole roll that I brought out because the bathroom was empty. Schmiggy working shitty and I’ve really got to clean my atomizers but I’m tired always, super lazy, like this guy that came into the store yesterday looking for a new tank, telling me that his is dirty and that he never cleans anything. A man of my own heart.

We are expected to be a certain way, us humans. Like it’s all a test. Like if you don’t behave this way then you’re not a human. But when this guy was talking to me without shame it was like, I was looking at him, and saying you are more human to me than so many of the people that I have found myself surrounded by.  

But I’ve got to put a pot of coffee on, I tell myself. I’ve got to be ready for this day. A holiday. We’re hanging out with my brother in law. I know that I said that my boss was making us work on Thanksgiving, but I didn’t mean me personally, just the person who is regularly scheduled to work on Thursdays. Hank. He wasn’t very happy about it. He told me that he is going to try to get to Rockaway to spend it with his mother. My brother in law and we are going to a diner tonight. Apparently it doesn’t get too packed. You know that I love diners. I bet they don’t have biscuits and gravy, but they might. Everyone seems to like biscuits in gravy in my karass.

The dog will need to go in his kennel. He’s really gonna have to. We don’t have enough bedding to risk him being out. I was supposed to give him a shower today, and I was supposed to clean the floor, but I didn’t do either of those two things.


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