I get a call from my brother in law’s Korean-girlfriend-who-might-as-well-be-his-wife’s phone. It’s my brother in law asking if Musette is home.

She is getting a ride from one of her coworker’s, I say, remembering him telling Musette last night when he called her around 1:30 am, waking her, that his phone was not working.

He tells me to have her call him when she gets home, and I tell him that I will.

Musette arrives home only about about after five minutes of me hanging up the phone, telling me that the place still stinks and chiding me for not having given Carlton a bath yet.

I tell her that he stooled in the kitchen and that I’ve been holding off cleaning him until I know that he’s not going to make another mess of himself.

And your brother called, I say.

She tries calling him back but he doesn’t answer. She is sitting in my desk chair, already dressed and ready to go. I guess she wore her nice clothes to work. I thought that she would have had to take a shower before leaving again, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Do you want to watch another episode of Jessica Jones, I ask.

The phone rings.  

It’s her brother. He tells Musette the name of the diner that we are going to and that they are ready to leave whenever we are.

We just have to take the dog out, Musette says.

It’s my responsibility, so I put on my flip flops and put the dog’s leash on him. We go outside and he makes two small diarrhea piles, both with blood drops in them. The poop is very cold to the touch.

I return to the apartment and put Carlton in his kennel with food and water. Musette and I brush our teeth and leave the apartment, taking the trash out on the way out, including the bags with our bedding in them. We head to the subway. I pay the three dollars for my single ride in cash. We are going to Park Slope, getting off at the seventh avenue stop. The diner is near the stop. They have advertisements on their windows promoting a Thanksgiving special. We go inside and order coffees. They come complimentary with the special. Mine is in a green mug and Musette’s is in a red one.

I tell the waitress that we are waiting for two more people. We are sitting in a booth. I’m sitting across from Musette. When Andrew and I’Lill arrive I get out of my seat and move next to Musette. I’Lill sits across from Musette and Andrew sits across from me. Andrew and I are on the end of the booth. All four of us order the Thanksgiving special. Andrew orders a coffee. I’Lill orders a sprite because she doesn’t want to stay up too late. You get one soda with the special. You also get a turkey dinner with cranberry sauce and a raisin stuffing, the choice of a salad, chicken noodle soup or chicken and rice soup, peas and carrots or a spinach mix, mashed or sweet potatoes, and pecan, pumpkin, or apple pie.

I get chicken and rice soup, mashed potatoes, and peas and carrots. The waitress doesn’t ask what dessert I want, because it gets ordered later. Musette gets the salad with ranch dressing, peas and carrots, and sweet potatoes. I’Lill gets chicken and rice soup, the spinach mix, and sweet potatoes. She tells the waitress that she would like pumpkin pie but the waitress ignores her. Andrew orders peas and carrots, the chicken and rice soup, and mashed potatoes, but then I’Lill says, you don’t want mashed potatoes, you love sweet potatoes, so Andrew tells the waitress nevermind on the mashed potatoes; I guess I’m having the sweet ones.

I’Lill tells me thank you for the JUUL cigarette recommendation.

I really like it, she says.

Currently she is using the Bruule flavor. She told me before she got it that she was only interested in the mint flavor because she smokes menthol but the starter kit comes with all four flavors, so she’s trying them all.

How do you like the mint one, I ask.

She tells me that it is okay.

I didn’t know that it was peppermint when I recommended it.

It’s not bad, she says.

Musette says it must be like smoking a candy cane.

I’Lill doesn’t understand.

Musette tells her nevermind.

Our food comes. I’Lill doesn’t like the raisins in the stuffing so she gives them to Andrew. She also has him order her an onion because that’s something that Korean people like to have with their meals. She has ordered one at every restaurant we have ever been to with them.

We talk about politics. Andrew says that he is worried about Donald Trump. He says that the joke should be over by now but it keeps on going. I ask him if he thinks that people in New York are supportive of him because he is such a New York figure. He says that only stupid people support Donald Trump and that most New Yorkers are not stupid. I am worried about the way he’s talking because a lot of the people in the diner look stupid. They are also big. I don’t want to get in a fight with all of these possible Trump supporters, so I divert us off of the topic.

When we are finished with our food, the waitress takes our pie orders. I order pecan. Musette and Andrew order pumpkin. I’Lill orders apple.

We finish our pies and leave. Musette pays all of the tip and then some. She leaves twenty dollars.

It’s Thanksgiving, she says.

We seperate from I’Lill and Andrew, taking the subway back home. Again I pay for the fare in cash. There are a bunch of loud black boys on the train with us talking about how they may have spotted another Crip somewhere further down the car.

We arrive back home and release Charlo from his kennel. There is no vomit in there with him. I take him outside. He makes a small diarrhea pile with a little blood in it. I then put him in the shower and brush his teeth.

We watch two episodes of Jessica Jones before Musette goes to bed. We had been talking about it at dinner with Andrew and I’Lill. Andrew got a job at the comic book store right next to the place I used to work at that I’ve been calling The Page but which is really called Strand. He says that the job is a lot of hard labor. I tell him that I know what he’s talking about. It sucked working at Strand.

Musette had accidentally been calling the show January Jones at dinner and everyone at the table had laughed about that. We are almost finished with the series.


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