The currentivist movement is not focusing on one person. You know when I say this that I’m talking about myself. The true surfer follows the wave. This here you could say is just me trawlin with a big ol’ net. Keeping track of what’s happening, trying things on for size. But you, if you so choose the task, you’ve got to know that it’s the people that make up the social network, they’re what helps you keep line in the book, the book that has liquified and spilled out into so many multimedia channels.  

We’ve all got responsibilities. Certain talents that we bring to the field. I honor and cherish you. You’re what really keeps this story going, next to me, whom I just love so much, probably most of all, while hating myself at the same time, my bad back and crooked neck and stupid looks that I give the camera more often than not. But can’t we all give a big ol’ round of applause to my dog who laid down some really nice and solid dung berries? Does this mean that we can move on from this ulcerating dread? Into tomorrow which is a day off for both Musette and me. As far as I know we don’t have any plans. And we don’t got no money. No K would like us to go to Mr. Dumpling in Saint Mark’s place, but like I said, we don’t got no money. If I had the money I’d go there every day, for at least a year maybe less. Come on, you’ve got to believe me. I don’t mean to leave you hanging. I know that I can be quite unreliable and quite a wildcard, but at heart I’m a good guy. That’s what makes me such a great antihero, that and my dry humor and self-centered, masturbatory pleasures.

Let us please not forget that we’re trying to get back to basics. I’m a foetal man on the verge of thirty. I have tried many things and failed yet there have been certain methods that I have quite enjoyed. I’m trying to combine these positives in such a way that enriches all of our lives. We’ve only got so much time. I’m only here in New York for so much longer. Has it butchered me? Have I done any butchering myself? I mean, I’ve had visions. Little Sailors dangling from the balcony beams of my retarded neighbor’s fire escape, but what are visions compared to cold hard reality?

These Michelin stars. What are they to me? How have I advanced my own career, this quest that we all are on. Well, I can say that I’ve grown my beard longer, but I don’t know how much longer it’s going to get if I keep pulling the whiskers out of it. Perhaps tomorrow I will shave. Probably not.


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