I’m supposed to be doing work for the pipe shop today from home, but it’s already one thirty and I have yet to start doing any work. I’ve been wrestling with rent. I had to deposit 345 into the checking account. Every time I do it the teller tells me that I could have done it through the atm. I personally prefer doing it through the teller but if the teller keeps telling me to do it through the atm then I’m probably going to start doing it through the atm.

I sit down at my desk and send my Google Music through the Bluetooth. This is the way to work. The dim light coming out of the 20w bulb. The dog on the bed letting me know everything that is going on with him rather than me coming home to piles of puke everywhere. His stool having been coming out solid by the way. Thank God.

I put in two and a half hours worth of work before Musette calls. She has gotten out early. The sun is still out. She is on the toilet long by six. There is no food in the apartment. We’re curbing this addiction.


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