Now, feel free to take my words with as many grains of salt as you want, as I’m sure those of you who know me have already done. And don’t expect me to stick to them even though it is my word that I live by. All of this liquid energy is in a constant state of flux and here I am behind the control panels, captain of the S.S. Appropouture, doing my best to direct us while being whipped hither and thither into and through what is both a nowhere nothingness and the everything and all.   

I am speaking and streaming, but not looking to attack. I’m watching my words, but I’ve got to tell you, once again, that if it’s on my mind then it tends to end up on the screen and apparently in your feeds – though that second part is optional. And I have tried to make various amends. I have done my best to maintain a logical stance, and I’ve worked to hold my ground without reaching out to rip you apart because perhaps I don’t have any claws, perhaps I don’t want to see you murdered, bloody, or in misery at the loss of family members.

I definitely do like being inside of minds though. I feel comfortable there. I feel a sense of belonging. And the monsters that I encounter within that environment are often the most interesting entities to interact with because more often than not they need to be interacted with because either they are constantly being focused upon, or they are being neglected.

But does that make me a monster? I understand that I have some ugly features. And I understand that I can become possessed. There have been times when I have reached out and made direct moves. Not all of them have been done with the best intentions. But I am learning.


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