I sit down in the tall chair behind the computer and open an incognito window. I then pull up the Google Docs of Bibles Libels. There are things to be recorded. There is work to be done. Four surge protector switches to be switched on. Two light switches. The rutter needs to be dropped. The sail unfurled.

The store is open, I text my boss and his girlfriend.

I have an article that needs to be published. It is on the state of marijuana legalization. It was written with the wildest language that I have yet utilized while working here. I have been looking for public domain pictures to appease the publisher of the ewwty site, but have found that the sites providing them require hefty subscription payments, so I settle on a picture of the statue of liberty sitting down and smoking a joint.

I publish the article, but I do not tell my boss that it is published. After letting it sit for a while, it begins to look like the most professional thing I’ve ever published.


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