Linda leaves and I continue working in my solitary way. An order from Lost Art comes in. It’s a whole bunch of juices. They have flavors like Unicorn Puke and Beez Knees. I unpack the boxes and inventory the juices. There are also some pens, pads of paper, iPhone 6 cases, lighter cozies and stickers in the order. The inventory sheet says that they were out of t-shirts. Too bad. I didn’t even get one of the Space Jam boxes, and I was the one who unpacked them. They looked really comfortable. I should have just taken one when I had the chance. Like how I took the Juul.

A rep comes in. He’s the ceo of a company that sells a battery mod.

But what I really do is distribute, he says. I just had to have that battery name on my card to look official. Otherwise my card would end up in the card pile, never being looked at.

I take his card and tell him that I’ll give it to my boss.

While he’s there, the black man who made me touch a piece of jewelry that he’d found in a trash can comes in telling me that he hasn’t been able to get his vaporizer to work no matter how long he charges it. I take it from him and press the power button five times and it turns on.

The most common solution, says the distributor.


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