There is a girl who gets on the train with us. She is drinking Coke Zero out of the bottle. The bottle is plastic. The girl has a large box from Clavin Klein. Her blonde hair is tied back. She is wearing all black jogging clothes with green Nikes. Her tight jogging pants don’t cover her ankles. She is wearing black ankle socks. She has headphones in connected to her cell phone. The case on her phone is black. Her jacket is from Columbia. Her calves are thicker than I generally find attractive, but it’s the curve balls that keep life interesting and allow us to grow.

An all denim wearing man is drumming to the music being piped into his ears through the black and white striped cord connected to his phone when the train stops at Bergen. We get out. Musette gets herself oriented right away. We stop at a pharmacy so that she can pick up Blistex. The girl at the front tells us that chapstick is located upstairs. It is very empty upstairs. There are not many customers there. It is where the pharmacy is located. It takes us a while to find the chapstick, but we finally do. It is in the middle of the floor. They have Blistex. We take a tube and head back downstairs. I pay with cash.

We leave the pharmacy and head towards Petco. The street is loaded with Christmas spirit. There is a man playing Christmas songs from his saxophone, and there are Christmas trees lining the sidewalk. The trees are going fast. Many people are buying them.

There is a GameStop across from Petco.

Well, will you look at that, says Musette.

I don’t think that she knew it was here. I don’t think this was part of her plan, but I do think that it was in her budget. She has been wanting to get me Star Wars: Battlefront since my birthday.

Sometimes you’ve just gotta follow your heart, she says.

We go in. There are empty cases of Battlefront lining the wall to our left. They’re running a special. Ten dollars off. Sometimes it’s good to wait. They have the original game, the deluxe edition, and the season pass. There is an additional deal when you buy the season pass with the game.

Musette takes us to the counter to ask the person there what the difference is between the deluxe edition and the original.

The counter person tells us that the deluxe edition comes with an extra map and some extra weapons.

We’ll take it, says Musette.

It is ten dollars more than the original game.

We don’t buy the season pass.

Do you want insurance, the counter person asks.

I tell him that I don’t, but then I ask him how much it is.

Three dollars.

Oh, what the hell.


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