Star Wars: Battlefront

It is our weekend. We have work to do. It seems there’s always something to be done on our days off.

We are partners, Musette and I: the male and female: Mulder and Scully, Jerry and Elaine. We each have responsibilities within our relationship, and I have a responsibility to take the lead sometimes.

So, I ask her, while we’re in the shower, if she still wants to go to Petco, and she says that she does.

It’s right next to a Trader Joe’s, she says. By the Bergen stop.

We get out of the shower and get dressed. I put on my dark gray pants with my blue western hawaiian. I’m also wearing my new hoodie beneath my black coat.

I take the dog out, and return to find Musette on the toilet. She has bad diarrhea. She thinks it might be from the pasta that she made last night with the beef bolognaise sauce that we got from Fresh Direct. Or it might be from the cookies, which always come out raw no matter how long we cook them.

She asks me if it’s warm outside and whether or not she needs her coat.

I tell her that it is warm but that I’m wearing mine, so she puts hers on, and we leave the apartment, heading towards the subway.

She is still having cramps.

I ask her if she thinks that she can do this, and she says that she thinks she can.

We take one little break, wherein I try to figure out where we have to go. Bergen is by Carol and I think both are on the way to Court. I don’t have enough time to look it up on my map. Musette is back on her feet. She has taken her coat and slung it over her arm. I take three dollars and put them in the front right pocket of my blue western hawaiian. We enter the subway. The sound of our train arriving and leaving greets our ears. I feed my three dollars into the machine which prints out a single ride ticket which I use to pass through the turnstile. I then put the single ride ticket in the back right pocket of my pants.

We take the stairs to the Church bound train and sit on a bench. I am on the end of the bench. A man sits down with us. He looks like a drug addict. Musette is nearer to him than I am. The man asks her if we’ve been waiting long. Musette tells him that the train just came. The man complains. I’m fidgeting about the danger of his presence, but he doesn’t say anything else to us. He has pulled out a book and begun reading.

The train going our way comes before the one going the other way.

There must be something wrong with that train, says Musette.

As we’re waiting for our train to take off, the train going the other direction comes.

Nevermind, says Musette.


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