I cut my fingernails today which was an intermediate achievement. I cut them over a paper bag of cardboard that we’ve been collecting for the recycling in the corner of the kitchen that I wrote in that one night. We’re probably just going to end up throwing the cardboard out with the trash; it’s what we always do.

I’m becoming tidy, I tell Musette.

Penelope would be proud, but Musette doesn’t care so much if I’m untidy, she just will not suck me off if my dick is dirty. She also keeps me pretty clean. She washed my hair this morning, after telling me that she had noticed dandruff patches building up.

Shaving my beard was the hard thing, but not nearly as hard as it was before she got me the electric razor, which is like the one that my father uses, only cheaper.

It has a sideburn trimmer on it which makes it much easier getting the beard down to a length that a razor can handle, be it a straight razor or the rotating wheels that spin around the head of this electric one.


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