I pick Musette up from work. She is always picking me up. It’s called a little sacrifice on both of our parts.

There is a holiday festival taking place around Central Park. We go there looking for gifts and only find ones for my family. We get my mom a snow globe from the Central Park Conservatory. It’s so beautiful. The trees are all orange and the glitter in the globe is gold. I want to keep it for ourselves, but I think that means it’s a good gift.

It costs fifty dollars, but with tax it comes to thirty four and change. I give the woman working there thirty five dollars.

She asks if we want to donate our change to the conservatory.

I tell her of course that’s fine.

We get my sister a little mobile, the kind that goes above a baby’s crib. It has orange cats on it. My sister has a big orange cat. I figure the baby will probably love that thing. So, I’m hoping the mobile will be really special to her. She’ll see it all the time as she’s lying in her crib.

The mobiles are made in Nepal. I ask the woman running the shop if she makes them. She tells me that she doesn’t.  

My parents do, she says.

She had suggested that we get the mobile with elephants on it, because elephants symbolize good luck in her country.

We ask her what cats symbolize.

She doesn’t know.

But killing cats is bad luck, she says.


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