Everybody is sleeping but me, so I get on Chaturbate and cum to a girl wearing a tiger mask. She was wearing a zebra mask but switched to the tiger one because the person who sent the masks to her told her to.

It’s been weird stuff lately that has been working wonders on the ol’ cam shaft. Is it then that I am underloved or maybe over, I ask, rolling around in the bed and then out into the next morning.

The battlefront awaits.

I take the schmig and suck a piece of cotton up into my throat.

That’s probably not the best thing, I say.

Luckily, I have a five pack of coils on the way, having ordered them yesterday before going to work. I imagine they’ll arrive tomorrow or the next day. Musette has tomorrow off. I don’t. She’ll be here by herself. I have a work party on Sunday. Musette has to work. The boss is going to bring weed and moonshine. I haven’t smoked in like a year. Not since working there. None of my coworkers or bosses know that I don’t smoke, unless my boss is reading this blog now which is highly possible being that the site that I submitted my cbd article to for the store linked here.

It’s been raining all day. The oily drops slide down the window in front of my desk. The sky is gray pushing through the black shade weakly.

I put some peanut butter toast into the toaster with the country style bread that we got from Fresh Direct. It’s past four when I get up to go to the Chinese super store for the wrapping paper. Getting the paper, I return home and masturbate to two naked girls being lesbians with each other for the first time, their first time being lesbians at all in fact.

It’s amazing what extacy can do, says a commenter on another video, that is supposedly about two sisters being lesbians with each other for the first time.

It’s not true, says someone else. They’re not sisters. They’re prostitutes. This video has been around forever.

That’s why I stopped watching that one and switched to the one about the two first timers, it being much more believable albeit less risque.


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