When I get to work, I message my new friend James about a piece that I am working on for his site. He has sent me a draft of his edits, and we have been talking over email and Google Hangouts. It took him a week to respond to my last email. He says that it is due to an amphetamines addiction that he deals with. I feel okay saying this to you, my audience, as he has publicly stated it himself, and he even referred me to the comments on his site for more information on the issue.

I told him that everything looks good with the article. There was one grammatical error that I noticed and corrected, but I am ready for it to be published whenever he is. I figure it will probably take at least a week, but we’ll see if this method of behavior continues.

James likes my writing. He is probably reading this right here. He has taken to reading my blog. I think he found it by searching the email address that I gave him. That’s fine and good, but it does make it a little more awkward to talk about him here than it would otherwise. Whatever, it’s getting to be like that with just about everybody in my life. I’m worried that it will get to the point where nobody tells me things because they are concerned that I am going to put it in the book. It has already gotten to that point with many of my online friends. Many of you are aware of the trouble that has ensued due to my narrative habits.


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