The boss calls and chews me out over reddit comments that I received on a recent article I did regarding New York medical marijuana legalization. He didn’t read the article, but he took it down from the site.

The comments were a little harsh. There were only five of them. I had posted the article to the New York subbreddit. Two of the comments were regarding the format of the site.

I hadn’t read the comments regarding my writing when he called, so when he asked me what I thought of the comments, I told him that I thought they were a little rough, and when he started implying that they were negative towards my writing, I quickly went on the defensive, firing back at him, telling them that they were about the site, not my writing.

It was at this point that I read the comments, and had to backtrack. It’s good though that I said what I said. He does need to know that the site looks bad.

He starts trying to coach me on how to write, and I just tell him that I know, and that I was just trying to be experimental.

Well, if you’re going to be experimental, he says, keep it to yourself.

He’s then like, who’s that writer who went on all the rants while working for Rolling Stone?

Obviously I knew that he was talking about Hunter S. Thompson. I was surprised that he didn’t know that. Then he starts saying that at least Hunter S. Thompson’s rants had substance to them.

Oh Jesus…

How am I supposed to take any of this to heart when he hasn’t even read the article?


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