A woman attaches herself to the end of the line, which at this point is at the landing in the middle of the stairs. She is white and wearing a blazer with a shirt beneath it that swoops down to reveal some of her cleavage.

She’s by herself and, unlike the rest of the line, she’s not using her phone. I keep staring at her, and she keeps looking up at me, seeing me staring at her.

The theater opens up, and the line files into the theater. Some other boys join the intimidating ones behind us. With the inclusion of these boys, the other ones seem less scary. They are all talking about their love of Star Wars and Weed. None of them are black. They all have different shades of brown skin though.  

There is a theater employee checking bags at the entrance. Neither Musette nor I have bags with us, so we pass right through, into the theater, which is much smaller than we imagined it would be.

We have prime seat selection being that we were so near the front of the line. We take two in the back middle. People pile into the row, which quickly packs up. The woman that I was staring at on the stairs sits one seat away from Musette, who is sitting to my left. A man arrives and takes the open seat next to her, thanking the woman for saving it for him.

Though she is not directly next to me, she is much closer to me than she was when we were on the stairs. I can hear her voice, and were I to have the courage to stare at her from this short of a distance, I would be able to see the spots on her skin.


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