I get up and go to the bathroom. It is within the theater area, which means I don’t have to have my ticket checked again. In the bathroom are advertisements for the new Netflix show ‘Making of a Murderer’. The advertisement consists of a mugshot frame stuck onto the mirror. I stare into the frame while washing my hands.

When I return to the theater, Musette gets up and goes to the concession stand. The man who is with the woman also gets up and goes to the concession stand, leaving the woman and I alone with each other, silently, both of us sitting there, me wondering if she is thinking about me like I am thinking about her.

The man returns before Musette does. He has slushies with him.

I can never remember if you like blue or red, he asks her.

She says, blue of course.

The man has only red ones with him.

Well, they only had red ones, he says.

Musette returns. She has a huge bag of popcorn with her and a large root beer, which is the type of soda I had told her that I wanted.

I got a super size, she says. Is that good?

It’s perfect, I tell her.


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