The lights dim, and the audience applauds. The yellow words pass over the screen. The clapping continues. They clap for returning characters, and they laugh out loud at jokes. I do not clap. I am becoming entranced, seeping into the film and the film is seeping into me. I know that this enchantment will last me quite some time, because this is a powerful movie. It’s a powerful franchise. It has deep roots already healthily planted within me. This film is a pollinating flowering of all the empowered memories within. It is filling my soul with a new season. The battle of light and dark renewed.

I see myself in Kylo Ren, and Musette as Rey. This relationship of ours, a battle between light and dark, each of us holding different portions of the force between us. Because, we are more than this crude matter. We are layered individuals. This film displays the war starting up anew, as the original trilogy displays the war anew after the prequels, and so it exists today, in this form, beyond that time so long ago, here instead of and as well as in a galaxy far, far away.


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