It is Saturday. There is a democratic debate tonight. Because it is a Saturday, the debate is not expected to have a large turnout. Bernie Sanders has gotten in trouble by the DNC for accesing Hillary’s voter information. The leader of the DNC used to work on Hillary’s campaign. It is rumored that the staffer who accessed Hillary’s information was a plant by Hillary and the DNC, put there to get Sanders in trouble.

Sanders makes a brief apology at the beginning of the debate and promptly moves on to other topics. It is generally seen as a strong move on his part. He has fired the staffer.

The dog is looking at me with panic in his eyes. He ends up throwing up. Instantly, I blame Musette. She had not puppy proofed the apartment. When we got home from The Force Awakens, I found cereal bowls and other tempting things that he could have gotten into left out on the floor.

If this kills him, I can feel confident knowing that I did everything in my power to keep him safe. The Lord got to him anyways, in ways that I couldn’t have prevented. He just really wants to get to me. He just really wants to take my dog out. God help me.


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