I don’t care if you make a homophobic statement. The doctor was bald. I called the classical radio station to win a trip to the failed communist regime Cuba. And lost.


I claw my way deeper towards the beautiful truth, core, and source of this supernatural world: the illustrious holy grail – but there never seems enough time in our days.

I’m not in full sync. There is a limit to how much one person can handle, watch, do, watch again, do more of.

Write while standing. It gives you a good foothold from which to dig.

It is nice now that the new moon has risen and we can rinse out our old reflections.

The more you condense your notes, the better you will feel.

I meditate over my scattered blades of days, following a feeling through the narrative. These are pearls of great pride to me; magic becoming deeper through their arrangement. Synchronicity being realized.

It is through the narrative I find myself most purely these days.

I want you to see this ultimately private aspect of my existence, and to change the things which are rotting.

The closer y’all get to my heart the rawr this can become.

I fight my enemies with soul level poetry, but I have a spine just like anybody else.

I am feeling exhaustion, a weariness in my bones.

I have to reign in my foolish vanity and pride. Seasons change and time continues, I learn how to better hold my tears in my gut and my wallowing in my soul, so that by the time the big show comes around I can give the following the entertainment they deserve.

Condensation is the path to true salvation.

Burroughs rises from the last day of January to remind me that God never deserts his children, so long as they stay close beside him.

@madness spits in my pulsating eye, cursing me out for contemplating being untrue to the children, fans, friends, and followers.

Joe Humphrey makes a cry from his lonely place in yesterday’s news.

I tell him that perhaps it’s time he got back into the game of things.

Weren’t you the GRAND ARCHITECT of all the mellodrama, says Galaxim, the Emperor-Palpatine-sized HATE ENGINEER that came into the coffeeshop, declared loudly to the management that everyone else in the coffeeshop was an evil cyber-bully making fun of you, got us ALL KICKED OUT by the management, and now you’re in here sad and all alone wondering where everyone has gone?

@changeling asks if we need the Suhgurim

Galaxim says we don’t, but puts out a token with his name on it anyways.

Clive accidentally calls me. There is a voicemail of him talking to my manager. I listen for about a minute as he talks with someone about a licensee spilling Mountain Dew all over his Apple computer, but hang up before the call ends, hesitant to hear any bad talking of me.

My manager calls me. The phone is connected to the bluetooth speaker, and it makes a godawful ring which Musette absolutely cannot stand.

I hate it! she screams.

There is no way to change it. I just have to remember to turn bluetooth off before we go to bed.

Well don’t forget ever again. she says.

Both my eyeballs are bleeding. I’ve got my phone in hand, running through notifications. I would be so embarrassed to find out you guys all were watching my real life cam religiously.

We got in a fight last night after I flipped out over the way she was criticizing me in regards to my training of Chesterfield. We want him to be a proper walker before we move to New York. This entire galaxy is about to skip into a warp stream. Musette wants me to have a proper authoritative sound for correction purposes.

I masturbated in the bathroom while she waited up for me in the bed.

Mel is watching all the porn, talking with all the stars, trying to get them to shove highlighters deeper up their buttholes.

Navigator, how are we on specking out an lz?

She asks me if I prefer Brooklyn or the city.

I tell her I want to be as close to our future jobs as possible.

There is an explosion on the entertainment center. Right in the middle of a delicate file transfer, the hotspot goes down.

I am lost mid sentence. A micro-universe of pure, unfiltered malice opens before me.

You are weak. You have vulnerabilities. says a voice over the loudspeaker.

A certain unknown someone who spread the word that I was a condemner has been dealt with .

The ship careens. Thunderclouds clap around my fluttering ear.

All of it, everything, suddenly seems so fragile.

It can be gone in a flash.

Cruel nature.

A great war.