It’s Christmas Eve. Musette and I open the box from my mom that has our stocking in it. Only one stocking with a clip keeping it shut. There is some loose candy in the box around the stocking. A lot of Reeses trees, some Hershey’s snowmen, and some little peppermint bells. There is a card in the package wishing us a merry Christmas, reminding us that next year we will be spending it together.

Our pajamas are also in the box. We get pajamas every year on Christmas Eve. Mine is a white v-neck with some gray sweat pants similar to the gray sweatpants that I got last year, only lighter in color. They look more like sweatpants than the ones from last year. I don’t know if I will be able to pull these ones off as regular pants and wear them on the street and to work and stuff like I do last year’s.

Once we’ve taken the stocking and the candy out, we put Carlton’s presents in the box. They have been loosely wrapped in wrapping paper because he loves watching us unwrap things. We are very excited to give him his gifts. Giving him gifts is what has made our Christmases very, special because we are becoming parents.


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