Throwing it in just isn’t an option. This has got to be written through. If I could simply buy one book and sell it, I would have enough money to buy another. If I sell that book, I will be able to add my profits from the first one to its profits, and if the profits become high enough, I can then have two books. Open mics still seem like a good idea no matter how many books I have. If I am able to sell e-books while selling physical books, then I will make an extra profit. Ebooks are great because they require no initial payment. I am able to sell them at this time, and if I make enough from their sales, I can use the money to buy more physical copies.

It’s a form of crowdfunding without the pathetic pandering. It’s going to take time, but the forward steps should continue being made.

Oona tells me that the average going rate for ebooks is 2.99.

That’s a little low, don’t you think?

What matter. I am a trendsetter. We’ve got to get our authors back into profitability. We’ve got families to take care of full of little dogs and beautiful girls.   


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