We got juice for the schmig today. It was the only thing that we had on our agenda. Leaving the apartment was a bigger ordeal than I had planned on. My mouth started leaking about my writing, and that always leads us into a fight. There is a kink in this line of conversation. She is out of the loop, and I’m keeping secrets. But I am tired of the kink. It is blocking the energy between Bibles and Cameron. It has to be dealt with. It is a massive problem and the root of a major conflict that runs through this entire epic: the separation of soul and body, the strong inner voice coming through to embolden the man. I know that invasion is inevitable because I am going to continue along this career path. She’s coming in one way or another, they all are, but she is the one that I’m most concerned about. Our marriage is strong. She is strong. She has a dragon inside of her, and I have a demon. A small battle for a smooth transition is worth the work. Oona is right. It has to be done.


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