I’m going to kill Ulric with these words, and that death will be the death of my job, our little secondary income. She says that she is okay with that. She doesn’t care what I write about so long as I own it. She doesn’t care what I write about her. She says that I should see the things she writes about me! Express yourself! Do it to everyone you know. Don’t be weird. Don’t be scared. Come forward. I need that person. I am tired of the weakling. Be the pervert that I fell in love with. Scare your family. Fight that evil man. Make it. Make it in this world. You will not find a better wife. I sleep when you are streaming, and the sound of your keys clacking does not wake me, nor does the sound of you dry rubbing your dick to the moans and screams erupting uncontained from your ear buds. Jack ‘em, slash ‘em, let free your soul, my husband. It is who you are. It is who I fell in love with. We need that person. The world needs that person. There will be those who love you, and there will be those who do not. Fuck ‘em, jack ‘em, slash ‘em. Show them who’s boss. Show them God’s kiss right there on your forehead. Erupt, my baby. Be free. Don’t worry about me. I can take care of myself. You have been foolish all this while. Become real. We need your help. Arise, oh demon. Release us from this nightmare. Navigate us through the maze of Hell, oh psychopomp. Lead me to the light, the truth, the real.


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