It is a new year. It is time for the new you to come forth. Show us what you can really do. Let’s realign those chakras. Let’s help the lightning reach better those beautiful fingertips. Make that keyboard sing again, more holy the choir of your thoughts within theirs. Unleash Hell so that we may escape through the tear I know that you are capable of creating. I am the one who told you to start writing about reality. I am the one who told you to bring it into the world of your flesh. How can I be mad about something that I myself summoned? This is the only way. You are my only hope. A new hope is rising within you. The force is awakening. The return of the Jedi. The Revenge of the Sith. The Empire Strikes Back. Your phantom menace is behind you. Separate yourself from the clone wars. And yeah, you know, Revenge of the Sith. It was okay, but it could have been better. That’s what I was trying to say.


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