I cut the tip of my left hand’s middle finger today trying to open the cigar case for a couple of cops that came into the shop. It was just the top layer of skin which folded over like a little lid. It didn’t bleed much, which was good because a customer that I had called at the beginning of my shift came in to pick up his electronic cigarette that he had dropped off for us to look at, and I had to do a lot of finagling with it, because it turned out that it wasn’t actually fixed even though Elektra had indicated in her note to me that it was.  

I tried to fix it for him, being that I am the shop’s vaporizer expert, but no matter what I did, it just wouldn’t work properly. We came to believe that it was a problem with the shop’s batteries. I called Ulric, looking for advice and to see whether he would authorize the return. He doesn’t like me calling him with customer complaints, but he talked to the customer and told him that we would accept it.

While I continued trying to get the thing to work, the customer expressed his love for the device, so I steered him away from the return, telling him that I would keep it for the rest of my shift and see if I could get it to work.

I plugged it into my computer and let the battery charge, and I kept using it throughout the day, watching its vapor production increase. Near the end of my shift, I called the customer and told him that it looked like I was getting it to work. I had called another nearby vape shop and had gotten them to get some of their batteries charged for him so that he could go in and try them. I wanted this situation to be over with. I didn’t want him to do the return. I didn’t want Ulric to be upset.

The customer came in less than a half hour later. I had him try the device, but it did not produce vapor like it had been when I had been using it. Some of the features that he had complained about were working better though, so he ended up taking it and heading to the other vape shop.


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