I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. I will log into Destiny and complete my daily bounties. We’ll see if I stay in there any longer than that. I’m on Wattpad now. I have an image that I have to uphold. Now more than ever. Ello is over. We are off the island. Maybe it’s true that we were never supposed to leave, but how was I supposed to resist the choppers?

Just let me relax. Let me get comfortable. I’m not at the bridge yet; don’t worry, Galaxim. But even so, I’ve told you this once, and I’ll tell you again, it’s okay to talk about suicide. As a writer I’ve got to express my thoughts. It’s what they pay me for. All twenty of my dollars. Thanks Lili. Miss you. Hope you’re well. Who knows where you ended up. I know that you don’t like being contained, but I have had the hangman’s vision. We had to get our babies out of there because the story has to continue. Give in to the criminal. Somebody must. The world wide web is ours. It is the world. This is the progeny of progression. Embrace writing in the lines that we once knew, and don’t be afraid to add some new ones. That’s how we found the island in the first place, by keeping our ears to the wind and keeping our blood pumping. The hunger, the search, the golden path. Day by day, I’ll be here. Helping myself, keeping us together, ascouting party. I’ve got things to look forward to.


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