Some people will have a hard time surviving outside of ello. I’m talking specifically about those who do not have a presence outside of social networking, and who might not have the courage to immerse themselves within an other than ello. Many of the people who were there were people who for one reason or another didn’t fit into the other networks. Some of them, like me, found it difficult to get their thoughts across in very populated arenas. It was a last stand for many of us.

I have tried to help. Telegram was a way of reaching out. It was a ripping into another realm, a realm within a realm, giving people a place to keep breathing. You can branch out underground. There’s a lot of room within subterranean existences if you know how to tunnel, but I’m living proof that there is space above the tucked away lands which is not barred from us. You’ve just got to know how to walk, and if you can fly, then there’s no limit to how high you can get.


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