This sets me apart from Celine who never wanted to be a writer. I am more like his father in this regard, or the guy that he worked for who had the hot air balloon and who killed himself because he got so hungry and cold. Pushing prayers into the keyboard trying to open the mystical door, It’s a scary thought to think as the blizzard blows hard against my window and Musette sleeps soundly in bed, more Celinian than me in the regard that I’ve been talking about, not wanting so much to be a chef but doing it because it pays the bills, and because she’s got a knack for it that others in her field have noticed and are even jealous of.

Everything is writing. Cooking is writing. She is a good role model. Shs is my hero.


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    1. There was this guy that Celine worked for. He flew around in a hot air balloon. The story, I think, is in Death on Credit. Spoiler alert: he ends up killing himself because he gets so cold and hungry. Celine says it best. He goes into a lot of detail on his relationship with this person.

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