We consider getting dessert, but then Daniel pulls all of these mint candies from Andrea’s bag and disperses them around the table. He had picked them up from the hostess station. He has a ton of them.

The bill comes and we split it half ways down the table. Our side comes out to more than the other side’s. Turns out something they ordered is on our bill.

Don’t make a fuss about it, says Andrea. Let’s just take care of it.

I put my card in. It’s actually Musettes. Mine doesn’t work anymore. The bank sent me a new one with a chip in it, but I haven’t activated it yet. I could pay with cash, but Musette doesn’t want me to.

It will only complicate things, she says.

Our portion looks significantly larger than anybody else’s because we’re paying for two.

Something like eighty dollars. Not to mention the tip. This dinner is coming out to almost a hundred for us. And I only had one chicken wing. The other side had even eaten a lot of ours. And Daniel had that whole flat bread thing all to himself. He didn’t care. He’s trying to be interesting. He thinks he’s some sort of star.

On the way out he takes another huge handfull of candy mints. The hostess sees him.

She’s like, okay…

Daniel tells her thanks.


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