We’re going with you says Alex.

She doesn’t want to ride the train alone.

I give a tepid farewell to Daniel, patting his leather jacket with my lingering hand. Palms of Passion, the name of my next E.P. Bringing it back to The Babadook standing there in my doorway, but we knew that it was, just like it hadn’t been in the basement this whole entire time, which is where you very well should be, Mr. That’s where I last put my OCD, the holder of my mind, manipulator of my motions, trapping me in frustration and The Lord’s beck and call. The woman walking under the ladder this morning. The white lighter. I know what that means. Time to man up and face your fears. Daddy’s home. The job has gone out the window. Reality is coming apart. Defenestration. The walls in the basement have cracked. Bad air is seeping out. You’re the one who brought up The Mausoleum. Just keepin’ it real. Hold yourself steady as the book bites again. Pray, little life. Hope that you’re strong enough for your next challenger. Welcome to Ascension. Reading it was enough for The Based God. Triple down on the sage imagined weed, as we ward off the Ghost Adventure cookies piled up in our cache. Every single episode, babe. We’ve watched every single episode! Can you believe it?

This home is primed for a spiritual explosion. Crack reality realty, destination homeland. Riding the train with Alex and Renatta. They’ve got somewhere they want to be, I suppose. I’ve got another event waiting for me back at the apartment. Something called a neighbor with fine green he’d like to share with me. At least I think it’s fine. Who knows. I’m no connoisseur.  


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