Musette is asleep.

Did you take the dog out yet, I ask.


I’ll do it like I always do, I say, laying my treasures down on the desk. Thank God for my little yellow lighter. It’s all I’m going to be doing tonight, and it’s all going to be gone. Death benefits wafting into my lungs. Don’t drag something out when you can have it all at once and better than when separate.

Goodnight Ulrik, says lil’ yeller being better at not burning horror stories into my mind. Though I can’t deny that the whole experience is tainted by his ominous paraphernalia. What’s he trying to be a badass or something? Is he trying to play with fire? Is this his version of taunting McBeth? I can dig that. I need more of it in my life in fact. It would be good for me to walk under a few more ladders, to cross path with some black cats.

It’s really not so bad. A pretty good night all in all. When one bowl runs out, I load another. A nug a bowl. Needing more of them, constantly. Gotta get that Patreon up and off the ground… Gotta get those overhead expenses taken care of. It’s important to keep a roof over your head. The expenses only getting worse with the child threatening to break through.

What are you doing, babe? She asks. You’re the loudest typer ever there has been. I can hear you all the way over here where I’m trying not to listen. There’s no reason for you to need to be that loud. Keep it up boy, and I’m going to whoop ya.

I’m sorry  baby girl. I’m not trying to cause a scene. I’m just trying to be the best version of myself that I can be. I’m trying to put a roof over our heads. It can get noisy; I understand that. But don’t worry baby, I’ll keep it down.

Just try and connect to your thoughts more fully, says Joey Kangaroo. Forget about trying to prove anything to anybody.

It’s hard though, you know? Getting a grip on that flow. It can get frustrating.

You don’t need a hammer to take down the walls, he says. A horde of swarming insects can do the job better and with less unnatural effort. Remember not to take yourself too seriously. It gets to be best when you’re going for your own benefit, benefiting us all more that way. It’s the easiest way to attach something uniquely you to the text, something only you can introduce into this world, An open window into what it distinctly means to be bibles. That’s what we care about most. How close can you get us to that point? That’s the question. And how much of it can we expect from you and how often?

It’s not like there’s something better that you should be doing right now.


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