We filled up a whole basket. It got to be so heavy. I was the one carrying it. The whole total came to somewhere around seventy dollars. I had no cash in my wallet, so we had to put it on the card.

We had like four bags or something. My bag had the milk, a jar of pickles, some other stuff like macaroni and cheese, ramen. It was way heavier than it should have been. The cashier was so preoccupied with trying to be a cool Brooklyner or something that he didn’t care how heavy he stuffed it. I couldn’t disperse the weight on my walk home. It was either one hand or the other. There was no way of splitting up the weight.

One thing though that kept me going was the knowledge that we had bought these two little steaks. They were peppered on the outsides. Musette cooked them as soon as we got home. She used butter, telling me that when we get to Utah she’d like to have a collection of oils, because they really help you cook meats the way they are meant to be cooked.

I told her that’s fine. I’ve got no problem having a collection of oils. Do whatever you want. What matter is it of mine if we have oils? I love aesthetic. It would look great in whatever kitchen. Just go for it, babe.


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