My pits are starting to smell. It’s time to put another shirt in the hamper. I can’t keep doing this… I’ve got to have something to wear. Going to the laundromat again is probably not an option. It’s always like seventeen dollars to get a load done. It would certainly be better if we could wait until we’re back home at my parents’ house. If my parents aren’t cool with us constantly doing our laundry in their machine, we can just load the load into our new car that’s sitting there in the driveway waiting for us and drive it to Musette’s mom’s apartment. Basically what I’m saying is that we’ve got options once we get home, none of which will cost us seventeen dollars.

Coffee in the pot, ready to pour. Now that we’ve got another tin, I can loosen up my grip on the spoon. Back to five scoops. For two people, that’s nothing too much. I imagine the wealthy to be scooping something like ten.

I didn’t expect to be up this early. It’s one in the afternoon, but I went to bed at eight in the morning. As far as I know, we don’t have any plans. It might be time to break down the bookshelf. Today’s the day to stack some furniture against the curb. There are only so many days to take trash out in this city. You just put it out there. It feels pretty weird at first, but then you get to wondering how you ever lived any differently.


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