I’ve set my telegram channel to private, so if you prefer to read my updates in that fashion, you can do so. It’s not too much of a hassle, forwarding things manually. I figure there are a barrage of options for as to where you can receive me. I’ve also experimented with Peach, which seems like could be an appropriate platform for something like this. I don’t know. It’s got some issues. The lack of an appropriate web application is annoying, but it’s nothing that I can’t handle. If you’re in love with that platform, which I’m not sure anybody is, let me know. I can make it happen for you, especially if I’m getting paid.

Old corn dishes on the countertop. Pouring the mugs. Cesar Millan on the screen helping Jerry Seinfeld. Bernie Sanders sweeping Western Saturday, telling his wife and daughter not to stand next to him, treating the little bird better.

Musette tells me that during the days we’ll be driving back, there’s going to be a polar vortex. Expect colder than average temperatures.

We can always change our course a little if it helps, she says.

It being now Easter Sunday, we’re not going to be here for Passover, which is a shame because the Jews are fascinating to observe on their holidays. Like the one that just happened, where they all dress up, and the one that happened not too long ago where all the children took a chicken to the slaughterhouse.

Always got to sacrifice something. We’ve had to give up more, like when Portland opened recreational pot legality. The new coffee shop beneath our Avenues apartment. What’s a Jewish holiday or two? or all of them coming up now that we won’t be here, like how they’ve been continuing for soooo many years now. Such an old religion, and us moving back into one of the newer ones, one of those religions still going through the vetting process. People having their eyes opened like Scientologists, asking themselves if they are in a cult, and if so how did it get so big. President Monson up on the screen giving his address to the woman’s general, telling you that Easter is a time for remembrance. Christ on the cross or being born or reborn. All the holidays so twisted. All the religions to blame. Everybody trying to work together to keep themselves from falling into fundamentalism. Nobody wanting to be untouchable. Gotta keep your metaphorical head above the water. Deep but not too deep. Whatever brings in the cash.


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