Another dinner. Another opportunity to see her brother and his now fiance. I think that it’s official now. They’ve told me, and I’ve told you. It doesn’t seem like we should have time for this, but I rely on Musette for more than I would like to admit, and I’m incapable of saying that we should do something different than what she’s got planned. This is what happens when you hand all financial control over to someone. This is what happens when you’re lazy. Slipping into nihilism allows me to accept it. The hope that I will be a better person, and the ambition which that entails, is what makes me beat my temples with the balls of my palms.

I’ll be going clean sewage shortly, guys. Meanwhile let’s put up some more water towers. It’s important to me that your needs are addressed. I’m working on it. Time is my ally in this. Keep the eye from exploding. I’ve got to keep it functioning for the roads. In the mean time, let’s consider how we’re going to get all of this dishware into the car. Plus the pots and pans. The microwave? Do you want to bring that with us? I ask. If it’ll fit.



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