The more I try to change my personality, the more things stay the same. Look at just where it has brought me. But don’t look too close. I’ve got whiskers blooming where they shouldn’t. I’m trying to gain place in the literary underdogs’ hall of fame. I am a press of myself and I’m impressed. I disagree with some grammar rules, especially since we’re trying to give the comma a break.

I will make the change in days leading up to the election. My main goal primarily, let’s stay away from crap.  You have a right to demand excellence. Keep the desperation to a minimum, and make sure that this is ready for work on time enough to get that coffee you love so much. Keep changing to fit the changing way of thinking. Stop using your blog as a social network. Be more utilitarian about it. Change the way you write, change the way you think, and vice-a-versa. Infiltrate your bad mind.


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