Time is up. Life360 is updating everyone I love so far away from me.

Maybe when I figure out finances I will regain some control of my life. I’m goofing everything up. The bloody hammer in the garage. The taste of chisel in my steak. I’m gonna eat you out of house and home. Why won’t you people combine to do the right thing? Rich egocentric white flophouses. Don’t you guys want to see more of my new haircut?

A briefly sweet touch of freedom as I pick Resolve with my mom’s money.

Can I not even be a writer here in my hometown? I’m always just an inch away from a successful career. Don’t you think I deserve it? Am I not the first born son? It’s like I’m working at a backwards desk. I have so much work that I’m doing which has to be constantly taken care of that there’s no time for me to get a job. I’m always on a writer’s sabbatical called my career. I’m an inspector with the agency currently investigating board certified terms of affairs. My dog is coughing up a little sock and a pair of panties. He’s spewing as I’m spinning him onto the entryway’s tile. Don’t worry about me. I can take care of myself. I’m fine. I’ll be fine.


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