I’m just throwing some things out there, trying to get everything working properly, feeding the machine with my thoughts. Keeping this train moving. Looking for the track, clues, hints, fortuitous Craigslist postings. Get me out of here.

Come on Fugue State. Can’t you give me some sort of advance? I’m working hard for you every day here. I’d be up for putting your name on the press if you’d be down with it. I’m not the best with finances. It’s something that I’m working on, but we can work something out. You talk to your guy. I’ll talk to mine. We’ll meet somewhere in the middle.

I’ve got those first three chapters banging.

Just try reaching out and touching me. Does it go any longer for you baby? Hitting it off out the window. Down the slats and into the shrubbery. comma comma holding it back comma making it work comma hidden periods and the dunks to the trunks of 1040 flunks, making the world another Merry-Go-Round with the neighborhood spitting off the center like spokes in a wheel. I see the Kingdom’s crown straight shot through the center into the face of Jesus Christ Our God our Lord and savior. Make no mistake about it comma there are hardly any other ways to go comma whatchu want? You want to see them feds come Runnin up in here trying to take this family down like we ain’t got no rights to privacy I said I said that’s right I said!

Ol’ Flunky Mick Flunkster, sitting in his little room like he’s still a boy, waiting for someone to feed him like you ain’t never been a man before. Doing dang what’s right because that’s just the way we do it out here in the Midwest.


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