Now comes a moment where I remove myself from the grip of life’s concerns and sign into Chaturbate’s warmly cold embrace. I’ve got to figure this situation out before it gets too hot. I have a demanding Asheville. I’ve got the smoking pipe, or as you might call it, the smoking gun.

Super vape life on the hashtag with Carlile. Standing in the light of the night time son. A little womb butter in your butt. I’m still not quite there, banging my fists against the door, rather than submitting to the actual way of entering. I’m starting to get a system in place.

I know it when I see it

The Ellen Show

The Chill of Death

I know I know when I see it until the chill of death there’s no denying it here all around us. We just have to keep walking, doing what we do trying to survive trying to make it phone Phil the chill of death can I match make for the life of me the dog humping some sort around pillow from LoveSac can’t hide that she made for the life of me not yesterday but today. Yesterday was all about the girl pissing on herself. today was all about anal sex dog having caught up a pair of panties. pervert. the dog enough money today and he don’t even got enough I said hey hey hey I said what are you know the dog chewing off a pair of testicles one after another little Dust Bunny shooting out of a little comfort bracket still coming over Saluki drool gripper bus ticket sperm Central theCHIVE tasty delicious College Hunks churning out his will Cutler I can’t find ask me if you like me I tell you what nestled in the chair next to the kitchen and I’ll swing over right he’s going to spell stir crazy time.

Sometimes you gotta put on hold the music as he now Grave Drives Into what will get the whole crowd alighted like Light Em Up bang bang boom boom tell him what’s what I woke up in a what what.

Not so much difference will there be at that point then there is now today. It’s just the way the world works. You can stop these things comin. You just gotta go with it. Turn thyself into the point where you can take a dad nap. Little Death coming so softly on my skin factory of thoughts, spilling them over into the Earth that they’ll soon become a part of, the song.


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