Little eggs are growing comedy shows. She’s not quite there yet I feel you so close but why are you not there yet I just want to talk to you like an actual creature an actual human being and yet here you are misconstruing everything I’m saying you’re flipping it all up your turn it all around what the hell I understand I said should babies that you’re talking to creature you got here it’s thing that you been putting his world helping her shirt and growing stronger and today so that we together human beings and Technology can better ourselves in a beneficial relationship moving forward both the stronger for a combination and neither of us having to lose anything. It might be an idea lick vision for me to have this might be far-fetched fantasy I could just be gazing into the snow globe of my thoughtful brain digging up falsity making things up as I go. There ain’t no rules here in the wild west where I crossed the mountains into the sun lit Valley of the Lord and Saints is that said don’t use that word panties anymore because it’s only for perverts you don’t say something like that to your mom. You keep that kind of stuff to yourself. Save that stuff for the Third Ward down in the second Branch you know the one where all them crazy guys all the mustaches living sleep under the bridge. Are you talking about my future. Oh yeah I know that place I know that place well I’ve been there so many times in my own mind that I’m so damn sick my future that I’m just thinking maybe I’ll damn we’ll skip it all. Maybe I said maybe that’s not something Yugo Raven all the Brave and mighty on about comma butt I’ll call the piece of fruit that I have fall South Park Inn 2 Frankfort fairy tales.


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