I need a job. I do not want to work for my dad. I don’t want to work for one of his friends. Who can save me? Is there hope for the hopeless? I’ve been putting my hand up for how many years is it now?

The concept of chivilric endorsement. A concept that’s been stewing in my mind, buzzing around into something that looks like the way things had been going. I’m needing the story of the whole world colliding. Writing can be a very relaxing activity. Embrace the joy that your special talent, calling and duty can provide.

I feel immature but realistic.

Cousin over. Asking permission to live in grandma’s house. You’ve got to ask all of the kids, had said my aunt, his mom, one of the kids.

My manhood must be stifled.

I can’t just go up there and sit.

I’m pacing all over the basement.

My wife’s going to be so pissed.


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