I’m hot in the car with my six button, Eddie Bower, polyester jacket that I’ve worn every day this week and almost every day since I got it on Christmas. I’m tired. I was working on the machine last night. I know that counts for something. My joints hurt, specifically my knees. I had to go to my in-laws over the weekend even though Musette had said that we were going to take the week off because my parents are in Europe.

While we were there, I received a text from my boss, asking if I had the storage unit keys, which I did, because they are attached to his spare car keys which I was using to unload the 36 boxes of books from the back of his truck. He wasn’t happy that I took them, It would be too late for me to bring them to him, so he told me to drop them off first thing tomorrow or later tonight when I got back into town.

So, around eleven, with Musette’s dad in the back of the car, I pulled up to the building, turned the security system off, and dropped them off. I didn’t want to have to think about it on my second day off, and I certainly didn’t want to wake up early to bring them over.

Then we dropped off her dad and went home. I was crying my way to bed, singing hallelujah. There was less and less of the night for me to vape through. You can call me a dumb organic bitch if you want. My juice is almost gone. You don’t have to ask me twice. I understand the situation. There’s more to life than this. Tomorrow, twelve; the next day, one. I don’t know if I have enough juice to make it that far. Oh well, it’s all for the best, I tell her, imagining the faces of people when they realize what they signed up for after giving a thumbs up to the hit word currentivism. It’s not my fault I know how to latch onto a catchy tune and make it my own. One can say that I did it with my wife, or you could say that she did it with me. Either way we’ve got a baby inside of her. She was kicking all the way up into her ribs tonight. Musette had me place my fingers there and feel for another that never came.

At least we know she’s alive, I said. That’s more than a lot of parents can say.


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