We skipped our Tuesday class. Musette is low on iron. I’m just plain lazy. Give me a chance to skip a drive to the valley, and I’ll take it. There’s always a show to watch. Some times take more digging than others, and if you ever run out of shows, there are millions of books. People come into the shop asking if we’ve read all of them. Do you see what I’m dealing with? Nincompoops, babies, and retards. All of us are living in a jungle. The apocalypse is now. Don’t lock down on me for desiring a gun. I’ve also been lusting after motorcycles. It’s the Hunter S. Thompson in me. I’m supposed to be writing about my old good buddy Allen, and here I am documenting monsters in the casino. It’s the American dream. It’s been right in front of us this whole time.

The truth is that I’m not pregnant; I’m greedy. Every time Musette gets something, I take the opportunity to get something for myself.

It’s all about cheating the system, and that’s just the beginning. There’s really no telling how far we could go with this. Don’t fret, just finish filling out your paperwork, and stop vaping.

I’ll give you a hint at the number of how many of us are actually dying. I’ve never hated people as much as I do at this stage in my life. I wish that I was avoiding you. My dog has lost so much respect for me. Let me be one of your husband’s five wives. I’m pretty professional at doing the dishes, and I like to keep my life clean.


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