There are a few families at the pool when we go and check on it. My mother in law is at the grocery store picking up a prescription. There’s a hot little jewess leaning up against the side, talking to another mother. I can see her butt through her tight, purple bikini bottoms. Two donuts, one of them painted like a donut. A boogie board with dolphins on it. It’s a cruel trick having to take my glasses off, but I put them back on once my wife’s twin surprisingly shows up by looking at my father in law and saying, if you can wear sunglasses, then why can’t I wear my glasses?

There are little droplets on the lenses. The pimple is extending off my belly like a boner. Gut. Pizza. Three boxes. One Mug. 3 liter. My wife’s twin likes the name Arizona. Musette likes the name Oakley. There are jalapenos on my slice. They got me a whole pizza, but it was gone by the end of the night. Violence a vegetarian. My father in law is almost full veg, but if someone offers him a meat sandwich, he’s not going to refuse.

Would anybody eat humans, I ask.


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