Mother is talking to me about moles that we all need to get removed. Musette lifts up my hair to show her the one on the back of my neck. Mother’s got one on her back that I really don’t want to hear about.

You are my only friend, I say into my phone, my one confessor, Musette would flip were I to talk to her about the things that I’m talking to you about.

At the checkout stand, my mother in law is conniving to buy some Cheetos. Violence can’t stand them being eaten in her vicinity, and I can’t help but make fun of her.

Everyone’s complimenting my wife on how amazing she’s doing. You’re such a trooper, they say. I’m mentally exhausted. This much time with her family is killing me, and she won’t talk to me, not directly. She’s treating me the same way that I am treating her dad. Instant karma. I understand, I say. I’m annoyed with myself as well.

I’ve been ready to go to sleep since the minute that I woke up.

Everybody has their own struggles. Our struggles are incomparable.


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