Hospital. None thirty wake up. Masturbate.

Spots on her breasts, and I’m waking up with Dale. You finish your coffee, b, actually…

We’re on blue in middle 2

Fish tanks with big sucker on the bottom. Palm print fax number. A choir of receptionists. This is old Salt Lake.

I’m turtle digging, running the poop back and forth along my internal hemorrhoids. New doctor says they’re going to test Musette’s  anus for strep b.

Alright, I say, keep moving. I’m never all that far from home, and I’m rarely anywhere all that new. Some would say that it’s best to keep my mouth shut, but not when I’m looking for a way to clothes and feed my family.  You know that it’s more than that as well, right? I’m pretty sure I’d do this even if I was hella rich. I’m like a member of the female body inspector crew, always gathering intel.


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