When the answers come, will we have really wanted them?

Everybody hates me today, and it feels good.

I may have been marked from birth, but there is no way for me to remember.

Well, I mean, it’s the life, having an infinite stream of content to pull from. Shutting up for one second and capturing the next thought that comes into my head, and when it’s quiet, I am able to lean my head back and relax, falling into an empty space, the destination of meditation.

Six weeks until we’re due. I say that’s less than ten, and she says, yes of course it is. I couldn’t even remember that it was June when in the car she told me that Father’s Day was next week, and I still haven’t gotten her a locket, and we haven’t gotten my mother anything either, so I don’t know what the plan is as far as a combined holiday is concerned, but it might turn into another one of those giftless visits where we don’t even mention the fact that we didn’t bring one.


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