I’m back at work again. Good things happen to you if you work here. That’s why I’m so concerned about making sure that I still do after all is said and done. You never know, you might be looking at Utah’s next poet laureate. Could be a national thing. I’m hoping to get my honorary degree from the university. Lord knows I deserve it. You’ve got to have a good deal of folks out here, outside of the core curriculum. Life’s got a lot to teach you.

The accountant is very proud of me and all the work that I’ve been doing. Everybody is so impressed by how clean I get the counters. My boss is out, in Green Bay, doing his television show that people always call us and ask about, but he doesn’t care about his reputation. All he cares about is that I don’t post too personal of pictures of him and his married girlfriend on social media.

I’ve been showing the new Musette how to post. She likes facebook, but she doesn’t know how she feels about all the other networks. There’s only so much that you’re going to have to do while I’m gone, I say. I don’t want to teach you too much because I don’t want you taking my job. Just like how we can’t change the post that my boss wrote too much because it was a loving tribute to his dead friend, and can you imagine what would happen were we to totally tweak the voice? Get real! I didn’t even know the lady! I don’t know what you expect me to say. I definitely didn’t kill her. I’ve never even hurt a woman, though lord knows I’ve thought about it. I’ve never gone around hanging those crime scenes with my scope set high. God the way they come swarming down on you when you even get your mind rolling in those directions. It’s ludicrous.


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