The night keeps rocking, and we’re waking in fright. I’ve got coffee that I didn’t skim the cream off the top of. It’s Father’s Day. A timer on my phone ticks ten minutes. You didn’t even give me a kiss, says Musette, both of us have been trumpeting farts like roosters in the sun. Some thoughts are heavy. You’ve got to walk around after releasing them. I don’t know what I’m in the mood for. I put a lot of pressure on myself to use this time wisely. I’m letting everybody go. There has been a lot of bitterness in my heart for a long time, watching ‘them’ enjoy the successes that I thought that I should have by now. Truth is, I’m racing against myself, and it’s a marathon. There will even be other ‘them’, or better shall I say there will be bigger bosses. I’ve got to keep my chin up and carry on. There are golden nuggets all around me and right beneath my nose.

My wife’s stomach bulges as the baby hears the name ‘Fruit Loops’.

Catharine. Cat. So close to the dog. It’s on my keychain. A license plate that keeps falling off. Musette says, don’t you want this on your keys anymore, and I attach it more firmly, with more permanence. The dog is standing by the door. He wants to go out. I don’t know how much editing I’m going to get done this morning, such things like this taking place. We’ll just have to see. Don’t be afraid, bibles; there are golden nuggets right beneath your nose. The dog is only one aspect of this equation. Zombies banging against the glass. Remember to get your calcium fix, they say, and I run from person to person saying Whole Foods, like an idiot. You see, that’s the big thing, that I don’t have to play those kinds of games. I’ve got to work at being consistently better than that, at flying higher above. Playing music with my fingers and the interactions themselves, you might say, isn’t that the purest form of currentivism, and I’ll tell you to look back upon the definition and tell me what it says about past work. Tell me how it is that you can tell a currentivist to stop doing what they are currently doing? Sounds like one of us has got a stick up their butt.


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