No is at poetry camp, and it reminds of when my ex-girldriend left for rainbow gathering.

Mailman is here

The audience, they are all that I must care about

It’s probably just a skin tag, they said, though it was a little firm. If you want to have it removed, which I do, then they have to put genital wart on my record. Big can of liquid nitrogen. First year resident for a doctor. He had experimented with the over the counter stuff in college. No serious threat in hpv to the baby, unless you are sexually active with your baby, which of course you’re not, though they aren’t sure, what with my fleshier earnings, my cherry pies.

Stethoscope for your penis. Magnifying glass, I mean, maybe.

Perfect for a baby pussy.

I just kind of clean things up and tidy before sending them out into the world. This is what I mean by having a healthy respect for editing. Just a bit of cleaning. If this isn’t professional, then what is?

I’m trying every trick in the book to get rid of my Henry’s.

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